Welcome to the Newsday/nextLI Datasette live demo!

This demo showcases the work of Newsday's nextLI team on a set of plugins that brings Datasette's amazing data abilities within the reach of ordinary newsrooms. Specifically, we've developed and released these plugins:

Together, these plugins allow dynamic management of users and data without the need for costly production deployments for the changes to take effect.

If you'd like to run a local instance of your own, you can find the demo environment code here. Note that this is in active development and we are using feedback from this demo to help focus our next steps.

Using this demo

We've loaded some example datasets that illustrate some of the capabilities of Datasette. The ny_electoral_districts database contains geospatial data, which Datasette can display quite nicely.

You can also watch our explainer video going through the various plugins and features.

Datasette has very convenient charting abilities, we've demonstrated with our NY DOL and NY utilities databases.

You can also import CSV data and make changes to it, but you'll need to be logged in first:

  1. Click the menu icon on the top right of the screen
  2. Click 'Sign in with GitHub'
  3. You'll be asked to approve our app
  4. Once logged in, you'll be re-directed to the app
  5. Now you'll have access to the 'Import CSV' option in the top right menu
  6. You can access additional functionality by clicking on the gear icons found next to database and table names. (You'll only see these for databases you imported!)

Let us know your thoughts

Have questions or comments? Find a bug? We want to hear from you!

For general feedback, use this form or send us an email.


32 rows in 2 tables

telecommunications, saved_queries


7,709 rows in 1 table



64 rows in 3 tables

Total utilities sector employment for Long Island, Total private employment for Long Island, saved_queries


32 rows in 1 table

Utilities sector employment for Long Island